Advisory Group

Bishops’ Health and Social Care Advisory Group

The mental health project is part of the Health and Social Care Advisory Group chaired by Bishop Paul Mason.

This group develops informed reflection on a range of matters concerning health and social care – including chaplaincy, health policy and the development of pastoral care strategies.

Working with existing groups like the Anscombe Bioethics Centre and the Catholic Medical Association it supports the Church in England and Wales, and each of the Dioceses, in fulfilling the Church’s mission in health and social care.

The work of the Health and Social Care Group aims to help health and social care workers and chaplains alike to engage in the formation necessary to exercise their vocation to the ministry of healing and wholeness.

Where appropriate, this includes influencing public policy – including policy on inequalities in health outcomes and access to healthcare. All of which is underpinned by the key values of Catholic Social Teaching.

The current work plan 2013 – 2017 includes:

  • Articulation of a Catholic Spirituality of health and social care in the 21st century
  • Building networks with chaplains and health, mental health and social care workers
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Mental Health Project
  • Policy/influencing
  • Publications
  • Small grants programme
  • Website and social media development to support this work

The Advisory Group meets three times a year. Group members are selected to represent a wide range of mental health, health and social care experience.

HSCAG members 2017

  • Bishop Paul Mason – Chair
  • Bishop Tom Williams
  • Bishop Richard Moth – Lead bishop for the mental health project
  • Charles Wookey – Assistant General Secretary
  • Jim McManus – Vice chair
  • Phil Gray – Vice chair
  • Br James Boner
  • Sr Aine Costello
  • Ros Gardner
  • Patrick Gillespie
  • Fr James Hanvey
  • Fr Jeremy Howard
  • Philip Howard
  • David Jones
  • Anthony Levy
  • Phil McCarthy
  • Stephanie MacGillivray
  • Fr David Potter
  • Len Rowland
  • Gail Sainsbury
  • Carole Sawyers