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Please find attached all resources provided on this website listed alphabetically:

Size: 90 KB 5 Ways of Wellbeing
Size: 39 KB A List of Online Mental Health Resources
Size: 2 MB Accompanying the broken hearted – Grief and Covid-19
Size: 177 KB Adult Mental Health and Wellbeing - Sussex Model Information
Size: 9 MB Ben Bano
Size: 103 KB Booklist
Size: 641 KB Broom Tree - Creating Friendly Places Leaflet
Size: 763 KB Broom Tree - Mind and Spirit Matters Leaflet
Size: 730 KB Broom Tree CHIME Groups - General Information Leaflet
Size: 465 KB Care and Share Church Flyer
Size: 1 MB Care and Share Presentation
Size: 187 KB Catholic Parishes (England and Wales) Offering Mental Health Support Groups
Size: 5 MB Churches Together Memory Friendly Service -Feb'14
Size: 135 KB Constitution document St. Dymphna Befriending Group
Size: 55 KB Constitution document St. Dymphna Befriending Group 1
Size: 51 KB COVID-19 Volunteer Safety Guidelines
Size: 12 MB Day of Prayer for Dementia
Size: 286 KB Diocese of Shrewsbury Mental Health Project
Size: 107 KB Directories training and research
Size: 182 KB Domestic Abuse and Support Services Websites
Size: 327 KB Domestic Abuse Specific Guidance Document
Size: 143 KB Download: 'Please Pray for Me' A Theology Paper by Julia Head
Size: 10 MB Emotional Wellbeing
Size: 59 KB Emotional Wellbeing Group
Size: 55 KB General Guidelines for Facilitators of Mental Health Support Groups
Size: 395 KB Guidelines for Supporting People Who May Be Experiencing Domestic Abuse
Size: 183 KB Guidlines for Psychological Care During Quarantine in Religious and Priestly Life
Size: 63 KB Helping a friendx
Size: 2 MB here
Size: 221 KB Irish Bishops Conf liturgy guidelines
Size: 59 KB Mental Illness Parish Talk J Bird and R Hirons
Size: 128 KB Mental Illness School Talk J. Bird
Size: 117 KB MH Retreat Session 1 July 2012
Size: 127 KB MH Retreat Session 2 and 3 July 2012
Size: 131 KB MH Retreat 2013 TALK1
Size: 124 KB MH Retreat 2013 TALK2
Size: 102 KB MH Retreat 2013 TALK3
Size: 123 KB MH Retreat 2013 TALK4
Size: 133 KB MH Retreat 2014 Talk 1
Size: 115 KB MH Retreat 2014 Talk 2
Size: 113 KB MH Retreat 2014 Talk 3
Size: 110 KB MH Retreat 2014 Talk 4
Size: 115 KB MH Retreat 2014 Talk 5
Size: 113 KB MH Retreat 2014 Talk 6
Size: 93 KB MH Retreat Session 4 July 2012
Size: 161 KB MH Retreat Session 5 July 2012
Size: 58 KB NCSC conference outline
Size: 58 KB NCSC evaluation formx
Size: 76 KB NCSC opening prayerx
Size: 98 KB Nutritional and spiritual support
Size: 84 KB Outline for safeguarding coordinators
Size: 123 KB Parent mentoring project presentation 4th feb 2012
Size: 13 MB Parents Mentoring
Size: 582 KB Pastoral Care Project
Size: 379 KB Promoting Mental Health Anglican resource
Size: 148 KB Resilience At Home Guide
Size: 10 MB Sanctuary Seekers Liverpool
Size: 20 KB Sheila Hollins Spiritual 5 a day
Size: 12 MB Shrewsbury Diocese support groups
Size: 7 MB Singing with patients
Size: 6 MB St Dymphna Befriending Group
Size: 146 KB St. Dymphna Befriending Group Presentation
Size: 208 KB Statement of Safeguarding St Dymphna Befriending Group
Size: 13 MB Stressed Out
Size: 697 KB Towards a Culture of Safeguarding E-learning programme
Size: 247 KB Understanding psychological responses during Covid-19
Size: 277 KB Welcome me as I am
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