Mind, Medicine & Morals: The ethics of psychiatry and mental health care

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5 June 2018, Comments: Comments Off on Mind, Medicine & Morals: The ethics of psychiatry and mental health care

An international conference held by the Anscombe Bioethics Centre at St Anne’s College, Oxford from 5th to 7th July 2018.

It is a truism that mental health care does not receive the attention or resources devoted to care of physical health. This applies not only to clinical services and research but also to research and reflection on medical ethics and law. Healthcare ethics tends to focus on matters of life and death, especially at the beginning and end of life, and sometimes on the treatment of those whose cognitive capacity is diminished by illness or disability, but much less on mental health per se. The present conference seeks to redress this balance with discussion of a wide range of topics including:

• Resource allocation and mental health
• Ethical issues in forensic psychiatry
• Ethics of research in psychiatry
• Compulsory treatment of mental illness
• Mental illness and moral responsibility
• Assisted suicide for psychiatric reasons
• Mental health effects of sexual abuse

Speakers include: Professor David Baldwin, Professor Joost Baneke, Professor Patricia Casey, Dr Michael Dunn, Paul Farmer CBE (Chief Executive of Mind), Professor Jonathan Herring, Professor Sheila the Baroness Hollins, Professor David Albert Jones, Dr Mark Komrad, Professor Willem Lemmens, Professor Jim McManus, Bishop Richard Moth, Dr Rachael Pickering, Dr Julia Sinclair, Professor Ilina Singh, Dr Trevor Stammers, Dr Adrian Treloar and Professor Peter Tyler.

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The conference schedule can be found here.

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