Listen: Changing the culture on domestic abuse

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8 January 2020, Comments: Comments Off on Listen: Changing the culture on domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is the difficult subject we’re tackling in this month’s ‘Social Justice Matters’ podcast.

One in four women and about one in six men suffer from domestic abuse in their lifetime. Two women are killed every week in England by a partner or ex-partner.

Back in June 2019, we held a panel discussion which looked at what we can do to positively change the culture on domestic abuse in families, at work, and in our churches.

On our panel were:

Esther Sweetman from the Christian organisation Restored that provides resources and training to church leaders and members about how to identify and support women in abusive relationships in the church.

Nikki Dhillon-Keane an author and counsellor who works with women who are survivors of domestic abuse.

Elizabeth Filkin from the Employers’ Initiative on Domestic Abuse (EIDA) – a network of more than 250 companies and public sector organisations that provides information for employers to help them support their employees who are facing domestic abuse.

We hear from these experienced professionals on this episode of ‘Social Justice Matters’.

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