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6 September 2017, Comments: Comments Off on The World Shrinks: Carer Loneliness


Carers UK and the Jo Cox Commission – The World Shrinks: Carer Loneliness

Caring is such an important part of life. It’s simply part of being human. Carers are holding families together, enabling loved ones to get the most out of life, making an enormous contribution to society and with their support being valued at £132 billion a year. Carers say that providing care can be extremely rewarding, but it can also bring with it many challenges. The loneliness carers experience is caused by a range of circumstances, many of them out of their control. The costs associated with caring, particularly if carers have had to give up work to care, can mean that they are struggling financially and cannot afford to do some of the social activities you did before. They can find that relationships become increasingly transactional rather than affirming and sustaining. For many carers, the world simply shrinks. They feel invisible, as they fade into the background and the needs of the person you are caring for take centre stage. It can be lonely bearing so much of the responsibility of caring for a loved one.

This report  highlights the key findings as to what would support carers, and not surprisingly ‘breaks from caring’ is the number one priority. Click here

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