‘Meeting Mental Health Needs in our Parish and Deanery Community’

National – Awarded £14,936

‘Welcome me as I am’ – National Training Programme

Ben Bano is the leader for the ‘Meeting Mental Health Needs in our Parish and Deanery Community’ project which has developed and delivered a series of diocese or deanery based mental health workshops, using a ‘training the trainers’ approach. There has also been a series of regional workshops geared to the needs of the Society of St Vincent de Paul.

Ben Bano delivered:

  • A series of regional workshops geared to the needs of the Society of St Vincent de Paul
  • A series of national workshops on specialist topics
  • Development of an on-line resource ‘toolkit’ for facilitators of parish discussions

Ben has also led many seminars, talks, workshops, organised one day events and given training in many different community settings.

At the core of the programme is the toolkit: ‘Welcome Me as I Am’. This has been developed and written by Ben Bano, Director of Telos Training, Professor Peter Gilbert, Emeritus Professor of Spirituality at Staffordshire University, and Peter Bates of the National Development Team for Inclusion. Many of those who have experienced mental distress and who have been caregivers have contributed their thoughts and experiences.

Each ‘Welcome Me as I Am’ resource pack contains material for up to five discussion sessions or a half day workshop on mental health awareness and the need to consider ministry and outreach to carers. Contents: Foreword by Bishop Richard Moth,  Resource Pack Guidelines , Something deep inside me , There is no health without Mental Health,  Welcome me as I Am, Caring about Carers, The Journey of Hope, Pastoral and Spiritual Resources.

The toolkit can be downloaded from the website below.

Ben has also launched a leaflet entitled ‘Working with Mental Distress: A guide for clergy and those involved in pastoral ministry’ which is aimed at clergy and pastoral workers who find themselves unexpectedly having to work with someone suffering mental distress. The guide has been written by Kate Dawson who facilitates the Mental Health First Aid programmes for Telos. The guide is 8 pages and has been prepared in a handy A5 format. Each guide costs 60 pence or £5 for ten copies, plus postage. If you would like copies of the guide please contact Ben Bano or go to the website for a contact form.

To hear Ben speak please see Podcast link below.

If you are interested in having Ben deliver a Mental Health workshop in your area please contact him.

Contact: Ben Bano

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