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‘Stressed Out!’ Catholic Young People in England and Wales:  A Study in Stress and Mental Health Issues and a Toolkit in Response aimed to build the capacity for diocesan youth services, youth organisations and movements to understand and respond appropriately to the mental health issues relevant to Catholic young people today. John Biggins from the Catholic Youth Ministry Federation – CYMFed coordinated the project.

The study, run by Br Ben Foy with chaplains across several de la Salle schools, conducted research with groups of 12 fourteen to sixteen year olds into stress, anxiety and desire for happiness among young Catholics, and the impact of these on their mental health, including the extent to which this is influenced by faith.

From the study’s conclusions Br Ben suggests that “Many of them (young people) are open to the experience of learning to pray and be reflective but the pressure of exams and school work seem to be major obstacles. Consequently, I think that there is a major challenge to the church, to schools, youth ministry to put in place means – accessible people – who can be there to respond to and be advocates for young people trying to deal with stress/mental health issues. It is not a single nor part time person who is needed for this role, rather a community trained and sensitive to young people, their issues and with courage to ‘walk with young people’ offering an insight into the love of God. Where is the church’s helpline for young people?”

To hear John talk about ‘Stressed Out’ Young Catholics please see video below:


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